Best Apps For Taking Notes

Whether you’re a student taking notes in class looking for the best note taking app, a journalist recording an interview or your place of business requires you to take notes in meetings, having the right app can be extremely useful.


While most of our smartphones and tablets come with apps that let you jot things down there are much better ones available that can help you organise your notes. Here are some of the best apps to help increase your productivity.

best note taking app | evernote


Evernote is the most popular and arguably the best app out there when it comes to note taking. Available on a variety of platforms including Web, desktop, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone it allows you to sync all your devices together. This means you can pick up your notes from any device you own or work from.

Evernote’s streamlined interface shares similarities across its multiple platforms making it extremely user friendly. It also gives you many different ways to collect notes and uses a feature called notebook to organise collections of notes into categories. Another clever feature of Evernote that makes it one of the best note taking app is its ability to take notes in the form of pictures which you can share with friends on social networking sites.

catch-notes note taking software

Catch Notes

Catch Notes is a very clever piece of note taking softward that is easy to use and has loads of great features. You can sign in using your Facebook or Google account which eliminates the need to register for yet another account and it allows you to create voice notes, photo notes and text notes.

You can use it to collaborate with others allowing them to make an addition to the notes as well as commentary. The hashtag tagging system is also very useful and makes it easy to organise your notes and for people to find them.

The design of the app is very user friendly. A simple button opens a new note and a dial menu pops up giving you loads of options and access to a range of features. It is available on iOS and all Android devices.

best note taking software fetch notes


Fetchnote is a note taking app which allows you to take simple text notes and organise them in such a way that’s easy to filter and search for them later. Like Evernote it’s available on a variety of platforms and devices and like Evernote it allows you to sync all of your devices so you can stay on top of all your notes.

Fetchnotes also uses a hashtag system for categorising your notes. Just add a “#category” at the end of your note, or even use the hashtag in-line with your text, like “Remember pick up the washing at the #drycleaners,” and you’ll suddenly have a #drycleaners category that you can use for anything going forward.

Although it doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as some of its rivals Fetchnotes is a fantastic piece of note taking software, making it one of the best note taking apps with some innovative features and is well worth a look.

springpad best note taking app


SpringPad allows you to log in using Facebook and Google+ and your account will then sync with Springpad’s website, and the Springpad app on other devices. This means you can share your notes with friends and colleagues on Social Media. You can sort out your categories by colour coding them and it also has a set of privacy options. With Springpad, you can save anything you find online, photos and files from your own device, and anything you type out on your own.

There are loads of different notes you can add such as products, movies, checklist, recipes and many more. The app has loads of features some of which you may never use but its basic function works well and it’s great for sharing with friends on Facebook. Overall a very powerful app that is well worth a look.

What are your thoughts on our list? Is your best note taking app not featured here? If so, let us know in the comments below!