This Nokia Is The Dumbphone You Need In Your Life

Life moves pretty fast these days. If you’re anything like me, you constantly – almost involuntarily – checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or sending messages out into the WhatsApp ether in the hope that somebody (anybody?) will send a message back.

I check my phone before my eyes have focused when I wake up in the morning and I stare at the grim blue light of the screen way into the night, begging for the sweet release of sleep.

using a smartphone in bed at night

It’s with this in mind, that I started doing some research into the vintage world of the dumbphones of yesteryear, curious as to whether the phones I grew up on – phones with seemingly indestructible chassis and unwavering battery life – were still available.

To my delight, I learnt that not only are they still manufacturing them, they’ve even released a 2017 version of the mother of all dumbphones, the Nokia 3310.

However, at that price point, it’s clear that a lot of what you’re paying for is the iconic name. And with internet connectivity and a barely-decent camera, it was already far too advanced for my needs.

No, I needed to go deeper. I needed to cut off all ties to my former, Lawnmower Man self and strip away everything. I needed to find the best dumbphone of 2017.

All Hail The Dumbphone Revolution

Which drew my attention straight to the Nokia 130. This phone had it all. Which means it had nothing. No internet, no touchscreen and no camera.

nokia 130 dumbphone

Introducing The Best Dumbphone of 2017

Available for as little as £26.95, this was truly the break from technology I needed. I could feasibly buy a new one every month and still be paying less than I was for my iPhone 7.

nokia 130

This phone is truly a masterstroke of form and function. Weighing just 69 grams, you’ll barely even know that it’s in your pocket.

nokia 130 feature phone

And did I mention that it can’t take photos? Because it can’t. It can make or receive calls, send or receive  text messages (picture messaging is not supported) and that’s it!


Do yourself a favour and try it. Think of all the wonderful things you’re going to achieve with all of your spare time, now that you’re not frantically scrolling down your feed like a meth-addled lab rat.

Do it.