3 “Gate” Scandals That Rocked The iPhone 6

3. Bendgate

iphone 6 bendgate

Days after the release of the iPhone 6, questions over it’s durability clouded the launch. Multiple users reported that their phones were significantly bending in their pockets, presumably due to the aluminium case and slim design. Quickly picked up by many gadget bloggers and tech reviewers, as well as critics and comedians, Apple’s botched launch of it’s most highly anticipated device was roundly mocked.

2. Hairgate

iphone 6 hairgate

No sooner had the #Bendgate saga died down, did isolated reports of iPhones plucking hairs out of owners’ heads and beards. Claims that hair gets caught in “the seam between the glass and aluminium” and “when you try to free it out, it hurts.” were quickly circulated through the media and online.

1. Dyegate

iphone 6 dyegate

Then Business Insider reported that many people were complaining that their brand new iPhones were ever so slowly changing colour. They posited that, as the dye from their jeans rubbed off on the plastic antenna strips across the reverse side of the phone, the strips slowly turned blue.

An investigation by BGR reveals that “Dyegate” is becoming a problem for iPhone 6 customers. People say their phones are turning blue after weeks of removing and inserting the phone into their jean pockets.