The 13 Most Hilarious Twitter Responses To The Apple Watch Edition Price – £13,500!

twitter reacts to the apple watch edition price

On Monday afternoon, Apple revealed the details of it’s gold “Edition” watch to the masses. There had been speculation in the media that the price tag was going to be on the obscene side and Apple did not disappoint. With prices as high as £13,500, the internet was never going to take it lying down.

While some of the features wowed the Twittersphere, such as the fact that it could also in fact tell the time, most were not convinced in the slightest that spanking out £13,500 for a watch made any sense whatsoever.

The most ridiculous fact of all: Apple’s smartwatch collection vary in price from, £299 to £13,500, depending not on the features or functionality (they are all identical pieces of tech) but rather on the material they are made of and the kind of strap they have.

As always, Twitter leapt into action and here are some of the best, most hilarious responses to Cupertino’s keynote:

This isn’t the first Apple launch that has been mired in scandal – recently the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were roundly mocked for Bendgate – the phenomenon of your overpriced smartphone bending when kept in a pocket.

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