Is This The World’s Worst Sports Mascot? No, There’s Worse…


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If you ever wondered what Lisa Simpson on meth might look like then you’ve probably just found out the answer.

Unfortunately for fans of Scottish football team Partick Thistle, they’ll have to see it at all of their home games in the coming season – because Lisa, (sorry, we mean Kingsley) is their new mascot!

While it is certainly a very strange mascot given that football teams usually have cuddly owls, badgers and the like, there are other sports mascots out there that are arguably worse.

Although we’ll leave that for you to decide…

Big Red


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Well at least the name of Western Kentucky University’s mascot is easy enough to understand. It is big. And it is red. Beyond that, there’s not really much to say about it!

Wenlock and Mandeville

wenlock mandeville

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The Mascots for the London 2012 Olympic Games bore a striking resemblance to more characters from the Simpson’s –  the alien’s Kang and Kodos. Big freaky one eyed monsters were never the best bet for promoting sport.

Stanford Tree


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Would you kiss a Christmas tree? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when the Stanford University mascot comes calling.



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Scrotie, as the name suggests, is really a giant set of balls (and a penis). Undoubtedly what happens when students are left alone to design a mascot, the unofficial Rhode Island School of Design sports mascot leaves very little to the imagination. Let’s just hope the team don’t ‘balls-up’ too many games!