Simon Cowell Is Glad He Rejected Lily Allen As An X Factor Judge, Tells Her To “Stop Bleating”

The man who ruined music has told Lily Allen to “stop bleating”.

Describing her theories as “stupid” and “bollocks”.

Glad he said no to her as an X Factor Judge

Simon Cowell has told Lily Allen to stop “bleating” after she accused The X Factor of being complicit in “industry corruption. Simon Cowell has hit back at claims of “music industry corruption” by singer Lily Allen – adding that her “bleating” makes him glad he rejected her as an X Factor judge.

Lily Allen recently tweeted that there was something not quite right about the fact that Fleur Easts sang Uptown Funk on prime time television before the song had actually been released.

In a series of tweets, she said: “Is this even out yet? #XFactor … Well done to @sony for managing to get a not yet released song of theirs sung on prime time weekend telly. #uptownfunk #shazam #airplay

However, Simon Cowell retorted that Lily Allen’s Twitter tirade was “bollocks”.

“Lily should stop bleating on about all this. Fleur needed this break, got a chance, she totally killed it.

Why not be happy for another artist and say congratulations instead of thinking of some stupid conspiracy theory.

The irony is I spoke to Lily about being a judge. And from what I took from the meeting, she was seriously considering it.

Thank God I said no. She’d be a barrel of laughs.”

Lily Allen has since deleted the tweets in question from her Twitter page.

“Let me tell you the real story. Someone I work with asked, ‘Have you heard this song?’ I said no.

We got to the first chorus, and I said, ‘I’m doing it with Fleur’. On Monday I get a call saying Mark and Bruno are doing it at the final. I say we won’t do it.

Thursday I get a call, they are not doing the final, so I said, ‘OK, I’m doing the song with Fleur’.”

In any case, the performance by Fleur secured her a spot in The X Factor final this weekend. Also performing on the show will be Ed Sheeran and One Direction.