This Just In – Netflix Will Now Allow You To Watch Shows Offline

Netflix has finally caught up with Amazon but announcing that they will now support offline viewing for certain Netflix Original series on the service.

Starting immediately, users of the Netflix streaming service will be able to download their favourite Netflix Original series to their devices and view them offline, without any internet connection neccesary. Gone are the days of losing your show when you go through tunnels, underground or run out of mobile data. Instead, you get to download the show to your device and take it with you.


This is a massive development for subscribers to the Netflix streaming service, as viewing video on your mobile connection – without an unlimited data plan – can be one of the most expensive ways of consuming content. On top of that, when you are able to find a public WiFi connection, chances are it’s either full of black spots, throttles or crippled by the weight of dozens of other people connecting and trying to stream Netflix themselves. Nothing breaks the immersion in your favourite TV show than a buffer break in the middle of a crucial, dramatic scene.

Users will be able to choose the quality of video by choosing either standard or high-definition download. However, HD downloads will vary by the type of mobile device. A standard definition file will take up less space and download quicker, which should suffice for many Netflix users. It is recommended to download the files while you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, to avoid any surprising data charges.

Suddenly, flying, commuting by train or subway or long road trips by car seem a lot more bearable.

To be fair, Amazon Prime have offered this feature for a while now, but it’s great that Netflix are finally catching up.