Does This Slow Motion Video Show Officer Michael Slager Planting Taser Next To Shooting Victim?

As we all know by now, yet another white police officer in America (South Carolina to be specific) has been charged with the murder of a 50-year-old black man, who was shot eight times in the back as he ran away from the officer.

Walter Scott was pulled over for a traffic violation and the footage we’ve all seen on the news shows officer Michael Slager firing 8 times at Scott as he fled.

Slager has originally told officers (and claimed over the police radio), that Walter Scott had taken Slager’s stun gun.

However, when footage from immediately after the shooting is slowed down and digitally stabilised, it appears to show the police officer casually planting the evidence next to the body of the unarmed Walter Scott.

officer michael slager planting taser next to walter scott body

The footage was filmed by an anonymous bystander. Once Slager had fired 8 times at Scott, he walked over to the body and shouts “Put your hands behind your back now, put your hands behind your back”. Unsurprisingly, the body of innocent Walter Scott lies motionless, face down in the dirt.

Ignoring the fact that he had just killed the man, the officer continues to shout at him to put his hands behind his back and then handcuffs the lifeless body.

Officer Slager walks away as another officer arrives on the scene and then returns to the body and drops an item.

According to the incident report filed by Slager at the time, Slager claimed over the radio that he deployed his Taser and then just “seconds later” he said, “Shots fired and the subject is down. He took my Taser”.

The video evidence appears to contradict this version of events. Neither of the officers on the scene appear to be aware they are being filmed by the bystander.