Rare Nirvana Live | Watch Incredibly Rare Footage Of Nirvana’s First Gig With Dave Grohl On Drums

It’s no secret that by the end of his life, lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain had a strained relationship with Dave Grohl. However, when Dave joined Nirvana (shortly after they dispatched of Chad Channing and Dave was introduced by Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne) in 1990, Kurt was a huge fan.

In this incredibly rare footage of Dave Grohl’s first ever show with Nirvana, you get to see the raw energy that they would eventually go on to showcase at sold-out arena shows across the globe.

Performing live at North Shore Surf Club, Olympia, WA. October 11, 1990, to just a handful of fans, we get to see brilliant versions of Love Buzz, Scoff, Sliver and Turnaround.


One of the most startling aspects of this rare Nirvana footage is the complete and utter lack of mobile phones being held up to record the gig. What a refreshing time to have been alive. Imagine, Nirvana fans enjoying the show live instead of through an 8-inch screen.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short years of this Nirvana footage being shot, Kurt Cobain would be dead.

Once you’ve watched this live Nirvana performance, check out Kurt Cobain, Krist Noveselic and Dave Grohl performing the last ever Nirvana show before Kurt tragically died.