This Will Make You Feel Old! If These Albums Were People, They Could Legally Drink In America

Just how many amazing albums from the 90’s can you remember?

The good, and maybe slightly depressing, news is that these classics from 1994 would now be old enough to legally drink in the USA if they were people.

All of these incredible albums were produced 21 years ago. How many do you remember?

1. Greenday – Dookie

1994 green day dookie

Green Day’s third studio album was a whopper and has sold more than 20 million copies. Dubbed a worldwide success, it charted in seven countries and propelled the band and their punk rock style into mainstream music.

2. Weezer – Blue Album


Recorded in New York, the Blue Album marked a studio debut for Weezer before selling well over three million copies in the US alone. The album cover is a classic too that does exactly what it says on the tin – it features the band, and it’s blue!

3. Nirvana – MTV Unplugged In New York

1994 nirvana unplugged

The stunning album of live performances was recorded at Sony Music Studios in New York City and ws the first album released by Nirvana following the death of Kurt Cobain. It shot straight in to number one on the Billboard 200 and marks the group’s most successful posthumous release.

It topped eight different global charts and featured in the top six in 15 different countries!

4. Portishead – Dummy


More than two million copies of Portishead’s debut album have sold across Europe and it is widely considered to have popularised ‘Trip Hop’ in the 90’s. If you create a list of the best albums from the decade it’s a hard one to leave out!

5. Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

1994 pearl jam vitology

Pearl Jam’s third studio album became the second-fastest selling album in history when it was released on CD, beaten only by the band’s previous release Vs. 

6. Oasis – Definitely Maybe

1994 oasis definitely maybe

The debut album for Oasis has gone down in history as an all time great. It tasted immediate single and chart success and helped revitalise the genre of British pop music. Selling more than ten million copies to date while NME readers voted it as the “best of all album of all time” in a 1996 poll!

7. Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral


The band’s second studio album is packed full of industrial rock, techno and heavy mental and acts as a concept album, details the destruction of man. What starts as a downward spiral ends with a suicide attempt and the journey in between is stunning.

8. Beck – Mellow Gold

1994 beck mellow gold

Beck’s official debut studio album had a decidedly anti-commercial attitude about it yet ended up being a huge commercial success! It’s sold well over one million copies in the US alone, although it was never quite as popular in the UK.

9. Blur – Parklife

1994 blur parklife

There’s iconic and then there’s iconic. This is definitely the latter. Parklife threw Blue back in at the deep end and was certified four times platinum in the UK. One of the hit singles, from which the album takes its name, is still heard being belted out at pubs across the UK at closing time on a Saturday night!

10. The Offspring – Smash

1994 offspring smash

Selling more than 11 million copies worldwide, of which  around six million were in the USA, Smash was a huge success for The Offspring. It was the band’s first major step towards global popularity and is the only album where the band are known only as ‘Offspring’.

11. R.E.M. – Monster

1994 rem monster

The ninth album from R.E.M marked a distinct change from past releases but it still went straight in at number one in the Billboard charts. It also topped the British album charts straight away as music fans loved the new style.

12. Pink Floyd – The Division Bell

1994 pink floyd division bell

Focusing on the theme of communication, Pink Floyd’s 14th studio album made it to number one in both the UK and the USA. Certified as triple platinum in 1999, the album coincided with a hugely successful tour.

13. The Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge

1994 rolling stones voodoo lounge

Marking an incredible 20th launch in the UK, and 22nd in the US, Voodoo Lounge ended a five year gap during which the Stones had been remarkably quiet. It debuted at number one in the UK and number two in the US, on its way to hitting top spot in eight different countries.

14. Bon Jovi – Cross Road

1994 bon jovi cross road

The first greatest hits album from Bon Jovi included a number of past hits alongside tow new songs – Always and Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night. ‘Always’ became Bon Jovi’s biggest seller in the US the album has sold nearly 22 million copies worldwide!

So there we have it, plenty of albums that are now over 21!

Feeling old yet?