Nirvana Played Their Absolute Last Ever Show 22 Years Ago Today

Any Nirvana fan worth their salt knows that Kurt Cobain died in 1994. However, I’m fairly certain that almost anyone reading this wouldn’t know that Nirvana played their last ever gig on the 1st or March, 1994 in Munich, Germany.

That’s 22 years ago today, if you want to feel old.

As a celebration of this anniversary, here’s the clip of the entire set from that show, complete with a power failure during Come As You Are and a tape having to be replaced during School.

Unfortunately, only the initial 3 songs have video footage and one of them is a cover of My Best Friend’s Girl by Cars. Nevertheless, it still looks and sounds amazing considering.

As was often the case at a one of their gigs, everything was played super-fast, which is awesome.

There’s no Smells Like Teen Spirit, which makes sense considering the band hated that song towards the end.

Nirvana, live in Munich