Jack White’s Booking Agency Blacklists Oklahoma University After Student Paper Prints His Contract

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Jack White’s booking agency has placed a ban on any of it’s signed acts playing at the University of Oklahoma.

jack white contract leak

Photo by David Sampson

The ban comes in the wake of the university’s student-run paper publishing Jack White’s contract to perform at a campus show.

Jack White performed on the campus on Monday (February 2). The previous day, the Oklahoma Daily has published White’s performance contract for the show, which included $80,000 (£53,000) performance fee. More interestingly, the contract included his tour rider, which demanded a number of stringent provisions. These included a very long and very specific guacamole recipe to be provided backstage.

Jack White’s Guacamole Recipe

jack white contract guacamole recipe


Other interesting gems from the rider include:

  • While the local wardrobe personnel for the tour must provide an iron and ironing board, the White’s tour will provide Jiffy brand steamer for wardrobe needs.
  • Hospitality for the performance must be set up and ready to go prior to the tour group’s arrival, with the exception of alcohol and deli/cheese platters. Those can wait. It’s a different story for the 36 bottles of spring water, four bottles of fresh juice smoothies, 1 pound of “freshly sliced, high-quality prosciutto and aged salami with a sharp knife,” though—all for White’s dressing room.
  • “This is a NO BANANA TOUR. (Seriously.) We don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building”
  • A post-show meal of “New York strip steak, cooked medium, with steamed vegetables on the side and no sauce.”

During the performance, White slammed the student newspaper for printing his contract, saying “Just because you can type it on your computer doesn’t make it right”.

According to the paper, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment have made it clear that in the wake of the Jack White contract controversy,

They won’t book anymore bands or other talents to come to OU because the article mocked Jack White and they don’t want any other artists treated that way.

The student paper has defended their decision to print the leaked Jack White contract, saying that they were not the ones who leaked it and they were only reporting on how the student’s funds are spent.

Jack White is said to not have been involved in the decision by WME to blacklist the university.

Full Jack White Contract Leak

View the full contract here.

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