Every Guitar Chord You’ll Ever Need – The Ultimate Guitar Chords Cheat Sheet

Learning to play the guitar can be very tricky. There are dozens of guitar chords that are possible for you to play, especially once you start factoring in the major and minor chord variations. Don’t even get me started on the 7ths and diminished chords.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together the ultimate guitar chord cheat sheet. Below is the chart of every guitar chord you could possibly want to play.

The Ultimate Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet


Learning to play your favourite guitar songs from your favourite artists will be a breeze once you have this list of guitar chords to hand.

What Are Guitar Chords?

In theory, a guitar chord is what is referred to as at least 3 notes played together. They have to be 3 different notes. In other words, 3 notes with different pitches.

Certain notes can be “expressed” as a sharp note or a flat note. The notes are essentially the same (a C sharp or C flat are both C notes) but they determine what the “key” of the song is

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