30 Hottest Tattooed Babes On Instagram

[tps_header]Whether it’s a classy sleeve tattoo or a raunchy cleavage tat, tattooed women are undeniably hot. Everyone fancies a tattoo girl. We’ve rounded up the 31 hottest girls with tattoos on Instagram.[/tps_header]

1. Tattoo Babe In Pink Bikini

tattoo babe in pink bikini

Via Instagram

This gorgeous brunette babe in a pink bikini is not shy about her tattoos and shows them off proudly.

2. Sleeve Tattoo Girl

hot sleeve tattoo girl in white bikini

Via Instagram

The detail in the tattoos on this stunning brunette are amazing.

3.Hot Underboob Tattoo Girl

hot underboob tattoo girl

Via Instagram

An Indian-influenced tattoo with the slightest hint of underboob. Pure class.

4. Rose Inked Girl

rose inked girl

Via Instagram

Could this be where Cheryl Cole got her ideas from?

5. Hot Brunette With Cleavage Tattoo

hot brunette with cleavage tattoo

Via Instagram

We’re big fans of these tattoos and even bigger fans of this photo.

6. Topless Blonde Babe With Ice Cream Tattoos

topless blonde babe with tattoos

Via Instagram

While it isn’t immediately clear what’s supposed to be happening on her back, the ice-cream tattoos on the backs of her legs are a winner in our opinion.

7. Gorgeous Inked Up Girl

gorgeous inked up girl

Via Instagram

We have the major jealousy over this back tattoo.

8. Beautiful Inked Girl

beautiful inked girl

Via Instagram

While we’re generally fans of colour tattoos, there’s something to be said for a striking, pure black tat.

9. Hot Tattooed Woman Shows Cleavage

hot tattooed woman shows cleavage

Via Instagram

We’re not sure who Isabelle is but she’s been immortalised in a bold, colourful tattoo.

10. Beautiful Black & White Tattooed Girl

beautiful black and white tattooed girl

Via Instagram

11. Amazing Topless Cleavage Tattoo

Amazing Topless Cleavage Tattoo

Via Instagram

12. Fit Girl With Tattoos

Fit Girl With Tattoos

Via Instagram

13. Busty Blonde Babe With Sleeve Tattoo

Blonde Babe With Sleeve Tattoo

Via Instagram

14. Tattooed Biker Girl

Tattooed Biker Girl

Via Instagram

15.Full Back and Sleeve Tattooed Woman

Full Back and Sleeve Tattooed Woman

Via Instagram

16. Tattooed Model Rebecca Fox

Sexy Tattooed Model Rebecca Fox

Via Instagram

Many have mistaken her for “Blurred Lines'” Emily Ratajkowski. But make no mistake, Rebecca Fox is a tattooed babe in her own right.

17. Gorgeous Girl With Sleeve and Thigh Tattoos

Gorgeous Girl With Sleeve and Thigh Tattoos

Via Instagram

18. Tanned Beauty with Ink

Tanned Beauty with Ink

Via Instagram

19. Cute Inked Suicide Girl

Cute Inked Suicide Girl

Via Instagram

The Suicide Girls are an internet institution. This cute suicide girl shows off some amazingly intricate ink in her sleeve tattoo.

20. Pale Aussie Beauty with Game Over Tattoo

Pale Aussie Beauty with Game Over Tattoo

Via Instagram

Another Suicide Girl on the list, this time from Melbourne, Australia. We’re particular fans of the Game Over tattoo on the back of her thigh. A fellow gamer!

21. Photo Realistic Underboob Rose Tattoo

Photo Realistic Underboob Rose Tattoo

Via Instagram

The realism in this tat is astonishing. The water droplets look like you can reach out and grab them. The gratuitous underboob shot doesn’t hurt either.

22. Chesty Tattooed Babe

Chesty  Tattooed Babe

Via Instagram

23. Stunning Full Boby Tattoo Babe

Stunning Full Boby Tattoo Babe

Via Instagram

This stunner shows off a full body tattoo with an incredible amount of detail. With influences from around the world, this tattoo has us extremely jealous.

24. Tattoo Girl Selfie

Tattoo Girl Selfie

Via Instagram

This inked hotty in hot pants has a ton of great tattoos, but we’re big fans of her right-arm sleeve.

25. Moody Inked Blonde with Colourful Tattoos

Moody Inked Blonde with Colourful Tattoos

Via Instagram

This moody blonde clears the grey skies with striking colourful tattoos over her entire body.

26. Perfect Body Brunette With Full Leg Ink

Perfect Body Brunette With Full Leg Ink

Via Instagram

A perfect body is the perfect canvas for this full sleeve and full leg black tattoo. Clearly a lot of time was invested in getting this tat just right, and it shows.

27. Two Blonde Inked Beauties

Two Blonde Inked Beauties

Via Instagram

The diamond tattoo is a cliche and the sparrow on the twig looks unfinished. But we’ll let it slide in the interests of a gratuitous bikini shot. You’re welcome.

28. Redhead Tattoo Girl With Incredble Sleeve Ink

Redhead Tattoo Girl With Incredble Sleeve Ink

Via Instagram

What a great selection of tats for the first and only redhead entry on the list. We’re loving the right-arm sleeve tattoo and the ancient text on her leg.

29. Tattooed Babe Doesn’t Give a Fuck

Tattooed Babe Doesn't Give a Fuck

Via Instagram

What’s not to love about this photo? Incredible tats on a beautiful model who literally doesn’t give a fuck. This photo sums up why we love girls with tattoos.

30. Topless Cutie With Suspenders and Incredible Tattoos

Cute Topless Model With Braces and Incredible Tattoos

Via Instagram

And now for our pièce de résistance.