This Is What Happens When You Try To Ride A 15ft Wave On A Giant Inflatable Rubber Ring

Even a professional surfer would probably balk at the thought of riding a 15 foot wave.

The sheer size of it is bad enough, but add in the breakneck speeds and the weight of water that comes crashing down and it really is a terrifying spectacle.

Now consider the same thing, but on a giant inflatable rubber ring. You’re either very brave, very stupid, or both! Fortunately for all of us, pro surfer Jamie O’Brien has a mate called Poopies that falls into one of these descriptions.

After travelling to Mexico, the pair found waves that were perfect for their stunt. After deciding that having one person doing it wasn’t enough, they even went out together with hilarious results…

Would you do this inflatable rubber ring stunt?

Needless to say the fun only lasted so long, as summed up by Poopies:

I almost f****** died

I saw my life flash before my eyes at that moment

It was the scariest moment of my life

Still considering giving it a go?

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