These 29 Hilarious Facts of Life Are Absolutely True

They say that the only sure things in life in life are death and taxes, but as these incredible images of funny facts from show us, there are many more immutable laws out there.

1. The Problem With Bananas

banana facts

Bananas, like avos, have a window period of approximatly 30 seconds in which they are actually edible.

2. Weightlifting Fact

funny weightlifting facts

Know your place in the weightlifting threshold. For most of us, we fit in somewhere under “wuss”.

3. Knowledge of Traffic Laws

traffic funny facts

“Is this thing on”?

4. How We Treat Toothpaste

toothpaste lol facts

As long as you squeeze from the back and not the front, we’ll be fine.

5. Immutable Law of Loo Roll

loo roll hilarious facts

Always helps if you have an old jumper handy for emergencies.

6. What Tipping Really Implies

tipping humorous facts

That explains it!

7. Wasting Time: Then vs. Now

wasting time funny facts

The graphics have gotten better, but the concept remains the same.

8. Funny Fact: You’re A Jackass

sticky tape funny facts

Every Christmas I curse “jackass-me” from 12 months ago.

9. What Your Smoke Detector Is Really Telling You

smoke detector funny facts

That’s why it’s important to keep the batteries charged.

10. What Your Friends Are Really Telling You

sleep funny facts

Thanks for the euphemism.

11. Sandals: The Truth

mens sandal funny facts

Unless you are literally on the beach, a sandal is never appropriate.

12. Online Dating Fact

online dating funny facts

We met on Tinder.

13. Your Suburban Neighbourhood

neighbour funny facts

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you ARE the creepy naked dude.

14. Are Men Helpful?

men facts

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you ARE the woman on the right.

15. Facts of Nature

melting facts

If nature tasted like a 99, I might care more.

16. The Truth About Women’s Magazines

magazine facts

Be yourself, unless yourself is not a Holywood actress.

17. LOL

lying facts


18. Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs

life facts

I’m still attending therapy after the Great Instagram Outage of ’14

19. The Real Inspiration For Dante’s Inferno

ikea facts

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. This isn’t just some throwaway funny fact – this literally happened to me.

20. Helicopters True Purpose

helicopter facts

Helicopters: transportation’s “red shirts“.

21. Grilled Chicken Explained

grillin facts

Funny fact: grilled chicken is well on it’s way to becoming the number 1 fossil fuel.

22. The One Feature We Want on Facebook

facebook facts

I met you once in 2007 and I really dislike your baby.

23. “Thank You Milton Keynes!”

enthusiasm facts

Bonus points for when they get it wrong.

24. Every. Time.

email facts

Followed immediately by the recall function, which does nothing except email the recipient to tell them that you would like to recall the message. Fantastic feature.

25. Digital Media’s Evolution

digital media facts

This paragraph is paid for by our sponsors.

26. The Great White Death

diet facts

Step away from the carbs!

27. Half Caf Skinny Flat White, Please

coffee facts

Proving that people will enjoy anything when you add enough sugar and milk to it. Fact.

28. Bank’s Idea of Customer Service

bank facts

And then they’ll charge you if you don’t have enough money.