Scrum Down For Boris Johnson! Watch Him Take Out An Unlucky 10-Year Old Japanese Boy!

Boris Johnson is known for making headlines, and sure enough London’s Mayor has been at it again!

This time he’s been taking out young children when playing touch rugby on a trip to Japan.

While there’s almost certainly no malice in his actions – it does provide a hilarious clip for us all to enjoy.

What happens when a man in a suit takes on a 10-year old?

Ten-year old Toki Sekiguchi – the unfortunate individual to be hit by Boris’ bulky frame – didn’t seem to mind too much as he was quick to recover and play on.

He even said the game was “enjoyable”, although that’s not the world we’d use to describe being hit by a 5ft 9in blonde steam train!

Johnson meanwhile was quick to apologise, posing for pictures in Tokyo Square Gardens before handing Toki a 2015 Rugby World Cup Ball.

It appears that beyond Boris’ rather buffoonish exterior, there is someone that is fiercely competitive. The only issue here was that he maybe…just maybe…went a bit too far!

While we’re on the subject of Mr Johnson though, it does give us another chance to enjoy this classic…Oh Boris!