Revealed: The Wedding Story You Just Couldn’t MAKE-UP!

Everyone is probably aware of the saying “do you take this person for better or worse” during a wedding. But one Algerian man is not prepared to follow the nuptials!

A husband is reportedly SUING his wife after claiming she is not pretty enough, having woken up the day after his wedding to be HORRIFIED by the sight of her without make-up for the first time!

You just couldn’t make it up!


He said he feels CHEATED by the whole affair and is suing her for $20,000, claiming ‘psychological suffering’.

The morning after the night before…

The man even told the court in Algiers that he mistook the woman for a thief the morning after their big day because she looked so different!

After claiming to have been ‘deceived’, he went on to say that he was FRIGHTENED the next day! It’s safe to say his wedding night (and morning) didn’t go entirely as planned!


After wedding jitters

Can you have pre-wedding jitters after the event? It seems you can…

Regional newspapers quotes a court source as saying:

“He said he was deceived by her as she used to fill up her face with make up before their marriage!”

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