Man Loses Judge Judy Case In Just 26 SECONDS! Here’s How…

It might be several years old now, well 5 to be precise, but a hilarious clip from American reality TV show Judge Judy is again doing the rounds.

The reason? It features no other than “dumb and dumber”! It might not be the┬áJim Carrey and Jeff Daniels combo, but the two defendants would certainly give them a run for their money.

It takes Judge Judy no less than 26 seconds to decide the case, as you can see below:


Claimant Gina Paradeza carefully details all of the items in her purse at the time it was stolen including an earpiece.

It’s at this point that the accused jumps in: “There was no earpiece there, ma’am”.

judge judy


The response even caused Judge Judy to laugh…and who can really blame her!

Sometime it’s the classics that provide the best entertainment…