This Legend Got An Unbelievable Reply From ASOS Customer Services After Using Eminem Lyrics To Complain

The latest experience I had with a customer services representative resulted in me being transferred between departments six times, only to be passed back to the original department and being told that they were the correct team to solve my problem.

So it’s safe to say, I take a dim view of customer service teams in general. They seem designed to infuriate you.

However, once in a while a companies customer service team surprises me. This time, it was the turn of ASOS rep, Rianna, for managing to deal with an unexpected complaint in the best way possible.

Preston resident, Jay Whalley, was not content to simply have a moan. So he delivered his complaint to ASOS in the form of Eminem lyrics, adjusting the lyrics to Stan for fit his complaint…


If he’s like anyone who has ever dealt with the customer service team of a massive corporation, he probably expected some form of impersonal automated response promising to take his complaint seriously. However, he ended up receiving this masterpiece in response: