5 Freakiest Video Game Glitches

Speak to any gamer and ask them what their scariest video game is. Chances are, they’ll say something like Dead Space or The Evil Within. But the real horror occurs when an absolutely normal game designed to entertain accidentally goes crazy, giving us an unwanted glimpse of what the deepest rings of hell would look like if rendered in pixels.

Let’s take a look at what goes down when gaming glitches stop being annoying and just get terrifying.

5. Call of Duty 3: Undead Nazis

call of duty 3 undead nazi glitch

Even without legs, this undead Nazi from Call of Duty 3 still manages to perform a terrifying breakdance routine.

4. Red Dead Redemption: Manimals

red dead redemption manimals bird people

Red Dead Redemption is almost as famous for it’s outlandish video game glitches as it is for it’s immersive gameplay. Most famous of which are the manimals. Part-man, part-animal, all-freaky. There are the snake people, the Cougar Man and, pictured here, the infamous Bird-People. Human beings that fly around the heavens by flapping their arms like all of us truly believed we could when we were younger.

3. GTA San Andreas: The Ghost Cars of the Woods

gta san andreas ghost cars of the forest

Urban legends of GTA’s gaming glitches abound. Although, in the case of the GTA Ghost Cars of the Forest, it’s more than just an urban legend. Driverless cars appear in all sorts of rural locations, including foggy woods. Sometimes they even chase you, as if possessed.

2. Sherlock Holmes: Creepy Watson

sherlock holmes nemesis creepy watson glitch

1. Battlefield 3: Contorted Nightmares

battlefield 3 stretched neck glitch