20 Worst Tattoo Fails

Tattoos have experienced a massive resurgence in recent years, with celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, David Beckham and Cara Delevingne all proudly showing off their ink.

However, as these disastrous tattoo typos demonstrate, spell-check is a powerful tool and should not be ignored.

Check out our list of the top 20 shocking tattoo fails.

1. * you’re

your tattoo grammar fail
This tattoo ticks all the boxes of common grammatical errors that has the internet grammar Nazis up in arms. Your vs. you’re. It’s vs. its. Dealt vs. delt. It has them all . Truly, a great entry to the tattoo typo fails hall of fame.

2. More *you’re

your dead tattoo grammar mistake
Presumably an ironic message to his grammar, another entry on the list displaying the classic your vs. you’re. Conclusive proof that you should always show your tattoo idea to at least one person who can speak English before getting it done.

3. Tradgey Tragedy

tradget tragedy tattoo fail
Just straight-up misspelling your tattoo is a new and refreshing spin on a tired and worn cliche.

4. Tomarrow is Another Day (For Tattoo Fails)

tomarrow tatoo fail
Perhaps referring to the inattentive nature of the classic tomato/marrow hybrid.

5. Sweet Pee Tramp Stamp

sweet pee tramp stamp
Sweet, delicious pee.

6. Give Me Strenght

strentgh head tattoo fail
“See you at work on Monday”.

7. Prome Night

prome queen back tattoo fail
What better way to immortalize a special night than with a tramp stamp that doubles as a warning flag for any prospective husbands.

8. Don’t Fudge Me, God.

god can fudge me tattoo fail
This tattoo fail is less “typo” and more, “the importance of correct font choice”.

9. No Regerts (Not Even One)

no regrets tattoo fail
“You have no regrets? Like, not even a single letter?”

10. No Dream Is *Too Big

no dream is too big tattoo
Except, perhaps, the dream of impressing friends with your bitchin’ new tat.

11. Literally, Never

never don't give up tattoo
Always give up.

12. I Concur

love concurs all hilarious tattoo fail
We get that often words in English sound the same but have vastly different meanings, but that is all the more reason to do at least 3 minutes of research before every tattoo. Love literally agrees with everything.

13. Relationship Status:

ridiculous lightning bolt face tattoo
Career prospects are looking good. Add me on LinkedIn.

14. Ledgends Live On

ledge end spelling tattoo
This is a rare example of a tattoo perfectly complimenting an outfit.

15. Baby’s Reaction To Tattoo Fail Says It All

ridiculous face tattoo
How are you supposed to teach your child not to scribble on the wall when you can’t even stop scribbling on your face?

16. Too Exreme, Bro

extreme chest tattoo
Without doubt, the best part of this tattoo fail is that he has literally no idea that it has a glaring typo.

17. If Every One Elese Jumped In a Fire…

every one elese does tatoo
… would you jump in one too?

18. Kill Me…

dragon dog funny tattoo
The king of the pig/dog/dinosaur people is begging for mercy. Have a heart and put it out of it’s misery.

19. I Really Do

tattoo believe the impossible
At least they adhered to the classic “I before E, except after C” rule.

20. Yes, You Are

awsome tattoo spelling mistake

You truly, truly are.