20 Times We Google Image Searched And The Internet Did Not Disappoint

It’s safe to say that the internet can be a beautiful place. A magical place of cats and bacon. Of unicorns and flashing GIFs.

And among us are people who have looked into the eye of this beauty – who have stared into the face of the binary god of Google Image Search and found Nirvana. These people searched Google Images and were not disappointed.

“I Googled ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ and was not let down”

scuba diver holds shark

“I Googled ‘majestic as fuck’ and was not disappointed.”

elephant gorilla spear

“I Googled ‘best GIF in the world’ and was clearly not disappointed.”

manatee face smoosh

“I Googled ‘seahorse’, found this image; was obviously not disappointed.”

seahorse with snorkel

“Googled ‘gurl’ and my faith in the internet continues.”

girl on beach with no body

I “Googled ‘the best picture on the Internet’; wasn’t disappointed.”

cat walking a fish

“Googled ‘ass hat’ and was not disappointed.”

dog ass hat

“Googled ‘funny tombstone’ and was not let down.”

funny atheist tombstone

“I Googled Definition of Swag and – what do you know – was not disappointed!”

cat wearing crown with cherubs

“Googled ‘awesome unicorn and cat picture’, clearly I was not disappointed.”

cat on a unicorn with lasers and explosions

“Googled ‘Snakes in Hats’ and I was not let down.”

snake with a tophat and moustache

“I Googled ‘cutest thing in the world’ and seriously you guys. Look at this thing!”

cutest bunny rabbit in the world

“Searched ‘epic’ and was not disappointed.”

epic old man balancing on a glass bottle

“Searched ‘Happy Cloud’ and was not let down.”

happy cloud

“I Googled ‘beautiful potato’ and Google provided.”

potato shaped like a rose

“Searched ‘birds with arms’ and I was seriously not disappointed.”

sassy ostrich with arms

“Searched ‘weird and sexy” and, I’ll have you know, I was not disappointed.”

weird sexy man in a christmas jumper

“Googled ‘snail face’ and, while I may have nightmares, I was not disappointed.”

snail with a face

“I Googled bacon and was not disappointed, if not a bit hungry.”

cat wrapped in bacon

“I googled ‘I googled something and was not disappointed’ and was not disappointed.”

hosed down by woman in bikini

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