10 Things That Used To Be Cool (But Shouldn’t Have Been)

Fashion waves come and go, and while we’re happy to see elements of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s popping up, it’s safe to say that the noughties were a decade best left forgotten.

1. Capri pants
2. Awful “ironic” t-shirts
2-ironic t-shirts
3. Popped collars, bro
3-popped collars
4. Crocs.
4. Trucker caps. Usually combined with popped collarsĀ (see above)
5-trucker caps
6. Choker necklaces. These seem to be attempting a comeback. Just stop!
6-choker necklaces
7. Chunky wallet chains
7-chunky wallet chains
8. Long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeve t-shirts
8-long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts
9. High things with low-rise jeans
9-thongs and low rise jeans
10. Studded belts
10-studded betls