17 Ugliest Babies Ever Painted

Everyone loves babies, and for obvious reasons. Babies are adorable. However, the renaissance was clearly a dark time for babies, as these 17 photos of the ugliest renaissance babies shows.

1. The “Please Kill Me” Baby

ugly renaissance baby

2. The “Pigs Can’t Look Up” Baby

ugly renaissance painting

3. The “Totally Over It” Twins

renaissance baby

4. The “Please Sir, May I Haunt You” Baby

scary renaissance baby

5. The “Nothing To See Here” Baby

renaissance baby freaky

6. The “Dangerously Co-Dependant” Baby

horrible renaissance baby painting

7. The “Overly Familiar Middle-Management” Baby

gross renaissance painting

8. The “Crime Against Nature” Baby

ugly renaissance statue of a baby

9. The “Necks Are Overrated” Baby

ugly painting of a baby

10. The “Yes, This Is Exactly What Heads Look Like” Baby

weird painting of a baby


scary baby statue from the renaissance

12. The “Danny Devito” Baby

terrible renaissance painting

13. The “Renaissance” Baby

terrifying baby painting

14. The “And For My Next Trick” Baby

worst painting of a baby from the renaissance

15. The “Seth Rogan” Baby

gross baby from renaissance

16. The “I’ve Seen Things” Baby

scary baby from renaissance

17. The “I’ve Lived A Full Life” Baby

renaissance painting of scary baby with weird head