15 Examples Of Bad Logos Failing Hard

We all know the importance of good branding. Companies pay designers, think-tanks and focus groups a small fortune to design their logos and corporate identity.

But some companies have thought “fuck that noise” and designed logos so insanely bad, it’s hard to imagine that they showed them to a single person before hitting “print”.

1. Kostelecke Uzeniny Sausages

funny logo design failkostelecke uzeniny sausages

I think it’s safe to assume that they really love their sausages.

2. Clinica Dental

bad logo design clinica dental

Dentists aren’t necessarily famed for their bedside manner.

A stereotype that this bad logo looks to address but suggesting that your dentist will do unspeakable things to you while you’re under anaesthetic.

3. A Style

a style logo fail

Given the amount of coverage this company got  from this insanely bad logo design fail, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that this logo designer knew exactly what he was up to.

More Bad Logos:

4. Office of Government Commerce

logo design fail office of government commerce

At first glance, this logo looks perfectly innocent. But rotate it 90 degrees to the right and OH MY GOD WHAT IS HE DOING?

5. Sunrise Sushi

sunrise sushi logo fail

Aah, sushi. The fresh, ocean flavours make me feel like I’m sitting in Japan, watching the sun rise over Tokyo. If this bad logo is to be taken at face value, that’s not the only thing it will make me feel.

6. KidsExchange

kidsexchange logo fail

I literally had no idea there was a market for that.

7. Doughboys Pizza

doughboys pizza terrible logo design

These guys LOVE pizza, clearly.

8. Arlington Pediatric Center

arlington pediatric center shocking logo fail

In Arlington, they have a slightly different approach to paediatric medicine.

9. London 2012 Logo


First off, this bad logo cost nothing less than £400,000 to design. Money well spent on what has been described in equal measure as Lisa Simpson performing a sex act or a swastika.

To top things off, Iran threatened to boycot the London Olympics because they thought that this ugly logo fail spelled the word “Zion”.

10. Mama’s Baking

bad logos mamas baking hilarious logo fail

Not sure what mama is baking, but it seems to have given her the thrush something fierce.

11. Kudawara Pharmacy Logo

kudaware pharmacy terrible logo fail

Kudawara Pharmacy’s bad logo seems to suggest some added value when stopping by to pick up your prescription refill.

12. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

catholic church logo design wrong

Believe it or not, this bad logo was developed in the seventies (a different time) and won an actual honest-to-goodness award for design.

13. The Computer Doctors

the computer doctors logo design mistake

The Computer  Doctors display an uncanny understanding of what most people are using their computers for.

14. Mont-Sat

mont sat logo fail

Frat-bro satellite dish is very happy to see you.

15. Locum

locum logo funny design


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