10 Wikipedia Entries That Will Haunt Your Dreams

6. The Rat King

the rat king
An absolutely terrifying phenomenon that happens when a large number of rats “become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, or faeces — or simply knotted.” Seriously.

5. Black Eyed Children

black eyed children
Not really children, Black Eyed Children paranormal creatures who resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16 with pale white skin and deep black eyes. I didn’t think kids could terrify me any more than they already do.

4. The Flatwoods Monster

the flatwoods monster
The Flatwoods Monster is an unidentified extraterrestrial reported in West Virginia.

Various descriptions of the entity exist. Most agree that it was 7 feet tall, had a black face and a black body which glowed from within. Those who saw it, described the creature’s head as stretched, with non-human eyes.

It’s body was described as inhumanly-shaped and that the alien had no visible arms.

3. Premature Burial

buried alive

I can’t imagine anything more terrifying than being buried alive? No, but reading about it is a close second.

Premature burial, means to be buried while still alive, either accidentally or intentionally.

Intentional burial may occur as a form of torture, murder, or execution; and is said to be one of the most widespread of human fears.[1]

2. Cotard Delusion

the cotard delusion

The opposite of Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, The Cotard Delusion (also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome) is a mental illness, where a person completely believes that they are dead.

1. UVB-76


A radio station that broadcasts “short, monotonous” tones all day long and “on very rare occasions” has the tones replaced with “a voice transmission in Russian.” The best partm: no one knows who is broadcasting the station, or why.