M&S Solves A Problem Nobody Has By Selling Pre-Sliced Avocado

Remember the days when avocados were only available in their own, natural packaging? Remember all the struggles you had slicing through a soft, buttery ripe avocado. Well fear not because M&S has recently unveiled their proprietary “pre-sliced” avocado.

The pre-sliced avocado comes in plastic tubs and will set you back an eye-watering £1.50 ($2.16) for 80 grams. While some have praised it’s convenience, others haven’t been too complimentary about M&S, the pre-sliced avocado or the people who would use such a product.

“Absolute disgrace! Thought you were environmentally aware! More landfill packaging,” read one tweet.

“Put it in plastic and sell it for twice as much,” read another.

However, according to an a spokesperson for M&S, the avocado pots are packaged in a similar way to other pre-prepared salads and meats, where “the atmosphere inside the packaging is adjusted to help extend freshness, and therefore prevent any browning”,

“Customers love an avocado – but they’re sometimes not the easiest to prepare,”, lied M&S Product Developer Erica Molyneaux in a statement.

“So we’ve done the messy bit for them and created a ready sliced, fully ripened option, perfect for adding to sandwiches, salads or as a simple healthy snack.”