With These “Real” Chocolate Nail Art Designs, It’s Totally OK To Bite Your Nails

Like most people, you’re probably deep within an indulgent period of pure calorie shame at this time of year. No time like the holiday season to really dig in to the sugar stockpiles! And as if to confirm that this was totally ok, Cutepolish have only gone and released this video of incredibly cute “real” chocolate nail art designs.

Why is “real” in inverted commas then? Well, officially they’re not real chocolate, but they are designed with nail polish that has a real chocolate scent. You’ll look insane for sniffing your nails constantly, but it will be totally worth it with this incredible French manicure.

As far as nail art designs go, this is one of our favourite. It’s not particularly difficult to do but does take patience as you’ll have to wait for each layer of nail polish to dry before adding the next one. But that’s standard for most intricate nail design ideas.

Let’s be clear on this right from the start: while these nails might be “totes adorbs” (which they totally are, admit it!), you take your life in your hands with this one — because if I’ve had enough eggnog (likely), I just might try to eat your hands!