What Happens When A Python Fights A King Cobra?

It’s quite difficult to imagine two snakes fighting. It’s not like they have hands and feet to kick and punch each other is it!

However students and locals in Singapore were able to witness two of the largest snakes going head to head, as a wild python took on a king cobra in the middle of the street!


Via: Twitter

So who won? The king cobra or the python?

The two engaged in a vicious 30 minute contest, with the python locking itself around the king cobra early on.

However, the 12ft long king cobra was able to administer its own poisonous bite before escaping into the bushes.


Via: Twitter

Authorities captured both snakes, with the python picked up on the street and the cobra discovered several hours later.

The king cobra was taken to a zoo while the python was released into the wild. However, given its wounds its chances of survival were probably slim.

It is rare for cobras to venture into the city from the surrounding jungle while pythons are common in Singapore.

Seeing the two fight is certainly a spectacle though, as the video shows:

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