Tim Peake’s Space Photography Is Mind-Blowing

Major Timothy Nigel Peake was born in Chichester, on 7 April 1972. He is currently serving as the first British citizen to live on the International Space Station in 20 years. His space photography is getting a ton of interest at the moment.

Peake beat more than 8,000 applicants to be accepted into the European Space Agency. He will join Expedition 46 to the ISS, launching in Winter 2015.

Tim Peake, the British astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS), has posted this photo he took of London from space.

tim peake spacee photograhy 01

Last week Peake got a photography lesson from station commander Scott Kelly.

tim peake space photograhy 02

Ever since then his space photography game has really stepped up a notch.

tim peake spacee photograhy 03

We don’t think Tim Peake’s too shabby at Earth photography either.

tim peake spacee photograhy 04

Does bit of the planet look familiar?
tim peake spacee photograhy 05

“Looking to the East along the Channel with UK on the left and France on the right. The streetlights from the densely populated London, Paris and Brussels glow brightly in the centre of the picture.”

Some of the most breathtaking photos come from the unique perspective astronauts get of aurora on the horizon.

tim peake spacee photograhy 06

And the moment that a gorgeous sunrise meets an aurora is pretty magical too.

tim peake spacee photograhy 07

This is the moment Tim Peake and the International Space Station flew through an aurora.

tim peake spacee photograhy 08