This Incredible GIF Shows How Babies Develop In The Womb

Even though I already have a child and have read virtually every prenatal development book ever written, I have never been able to fully visualise exactly how a single cell grows into an actual human.

This incredible embryogenesis animation finally helped me fully understand exactly that.

The project was made using a total of 44 animations that are 9 frames each – that’s 396 sketches total. unfortunately, the GIF wasn’t able to show size properly. For example, in real-world prenatal development, the 24 week foetus is actually roughly 40 times heavier than a 12 week foetus (but you’re not able to get a sense of that scale from this animation).

Prenatal Development Animation

prenatal development in the womb

Via: Tabletop Whale

Prenatal development takes place over 3 main stages and this animation captures them all perfectly.

The germinal stage starts with conception. This is the moment that the egg cell and the sperm cell join in the fallopian tubes. The fertilised egg then travels down to the uterus, which can often take up to 7 days. The division of the first cells usually begins 1 to 3 days after conception takes place.

The second stage of prenatal development is known as the embryonic stage. This takes place at the start of the third week after conception takes place. This is also the phase when a mass of cells starts developing into a visually distinct human being. Roughly 3 weeks after conception takes place, the neural tube forms, which will soon develop into the brain and spinal cord.

The final of the 3 stages is known as the foetal stage. This final stage of prenatal development starts during the 9th week of the pregnancy and will continue right up until the child is born. The various systems of the body are established during this foetal development stage and the foetus will continue to develop in length and weight until the child is born.