This Guy Asked Hackers To Prove What They Can Do And They Virtually Destroyed His Life

With enormous hacks happening almost daily these days – including notable examples such as Sony, Ashley Madison and JP Morgan Chase – a brave man called Kevin Rose decided to see how easy it was.

So he headed off to Las Vegas to attend Def Con, the preeminent hacking trade show.

What he learnt was as enlightening as it was terrifying.

Insane, right? Within minutes, each of the hackers he spoke with were essentially able to destroy his life.

Even when taking precautions by using password tools like 1Password, hackers were still able to get access to his digital life in it’s entirety.

But it wasn’t all about code. Using social engineering, one hacker was able to not only get access to his cell phone provider account, but she was able to add herself to the account and lock him out.

It’s terrifying to imagine that this sort of hacking is going on out there, but one of the hackers he spoke with summed it up nicely: you are aware that there are trained martial artists out there that are able to attack and harm you. But you don’t go about your daily life letting that fear cripple you.

By the same token, the hackers can be scary, but as long as you’re taking reasonable precautions and not “walking down the dark alleys of the internet at night”, you have a pretty good chance of defending yourself against these blackhat hackers.