The World’s Biggest Cities As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Some cities are so vast they represent a whole new world. But what if each city was it’s own planet?

Thanks to some spectacular camera work and editing skills it’s now possible to see Sydney, Paris and Singapore as you’ve never seen them before.

The wonderful photos, created by AirPano, reveal a whole new way of looking at some of mankind’s greatest achievements.

While all the cities are impressive, there’s something at Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong that is particularly awe-inspiring.

The mini-globes are created using a stereographic projection technique that converts 360-degree aerial panorama shots into the wonderful images you see below.



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Here’s a unique view of two of Australia’s best known landmarks. Taken from above the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House can be seen in the foreground while the city’s bustling business district stretches back into the distance.



Focusing on the Reichstag building in the centre, this wonderful view shows the true expanse of Berlin. The Fernsehturm TV Tower can just about me made out in the distance.



With the Shanghai’s central business district on the banks of the Huangpu River taking centre stage, the sheer vastness of China’s largest city is there for all to see in this amazing pic.



The ‘City of Music’ comes to life in this pic of the Austrian capital Vienna. The eagle-eyed among you will be able to spot plenty of the city’s landmarks, although some appear as very small dots on the horizon! Meanwhile, St Michaels Church on the Michaelerplatz is the prominent building in the centre.



Set over the Arc de Triomphe, the other major landmark in this Paris pic is the Eiffel Tower – everyone knows what that looks like, right?



Check out Miami’s harbour in all its glory, alongside a wonderful stretch of golden beach in this overhead pic. Just look at the colour of that ocean!

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is known for its skyline and beautiful surroundings, both of which can be clearly seen here. It one of the world’s most vertical cities – land is so expensive that developers build upwards rather than outwards to maximise returns!

Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates’ second largest city after Dubai also features a wealth of high rise architecture, much of which leaps out of the page at you in this panoramic view.



Gaze over the Spanish Steps in Rome and see just how vast the ancient city has become. Full of history and culture, there’s top marks to anyone who can spot St Peter’s Basilica in this pic (clue, look south!)



Another high rise city, the Marina Bay Sands building can be seen to the top left, while the central business district springs from the ground in the right side of the image.You can also see the Singapore Flyer, the city’s giant wheel, if you look hard enough.

Sao Paulo


Brazil’s most populous city has a strong architectural tradition and it is there for all to see in this pic. The Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge dominates the foreground with the city’s huge expanse of tower blocks spreading out into the distance.

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