The Most INSANE Things Mankind Has Ever Achieved In Space

Despite first putting a man on the moon in the 60s (well, if you believe the video), there is still a great deal that we simply don’t know about outer space.

Films such as Gravity have looked to offer a sneak-peak into this dangerous and exciting world while the talk of domestic flights to the moon scare and amaze in equal measure (would you go … really? Would you?)

Despite all the things we don’t know, there are some things we have discovered. And then there are some things we wish we could forget.

Our achievements in space defy belief in many incidences but what are some of the most bizarre and insane things we’ve done in this inhabitable area?

Let’s find out …

We got there!

Before we look at some of the stranger discoveries we’ve made in space let’s not forget that we actual GOT THERE in the first place! How a man ever looked up at the sky and thought “I’m going to go beyond that” and then did is an absolute mystery.

The science, engineering and sheer confidence involved boggles the mind and has to be one of the most insane things we’ve ever done. And we mean EVER.

Not only that, but once we had managed to actually get a craft into space we started sending things, living things, up there and working on bringing them back.

After the first manned space flight we then not only got a craft to the moon but we unloaded a couple of people from it and let them bounce around with low gravity. Well, except for the third guy who’s name no one can remember. That poor fella had to stay on the craft.


We freefalled FROM SPACE

In 2012 Red Bull Stratos decided, for some insane reason, to start a rather bizarre crusade – to have a man freefall from space into the earth’s atmosphere. The daredevil’s name was Felix Baumgartner and in case you didn’t hear, he survived!

The courage needed to stand literally above the earth, in space, and then fall through the atmosphere begs belief. It really does.

Felix freefell a massive 23 miles downwards, gaining so much speed that he would actually travel faster than sound. And you can’t even see sound!

man freefalls from space

We found water, ice and a never-ending hurricane (of sorts)

One of the best things about travelling to space is the fact that we have got to explore and understand other planets. While no aliens (well, no confirmed aliens) have been found there have been plenty of other discoveries which are just as insane.

Evidence of water – the sign of life – has been found on Mars while Pluto has shown the formation of ice. Even Jupiter has its own interesting feature, a red dot which just happens to be a hurricane or cyclone of some description that simply never stops spinning. Ever.

There’s even a diamond planet where 1/3 of its total surface is thought to be made of the precious material. Discovering all this is pretty insane, especially when you consider we haven’t even scratched the surface of this infinite environment.

frozen waterfall

We played golf … on the moon

Returning to where it began in many ways, the moon landing and subsequent trips have yielded many interesting discoveries.

It’s important to know that astronauts get some downtime too though and when Apollo 14 visited the moon Alan Shephard thought it would be the perfect time to practice some putting. Perhaps he was a really keen golfer. Or maybe he just wanted to spice things up.

Whatever the reason behind it, you have to admire a guy who hit two golf balls OFF OF THE MOON! Not many people can claim to have done something that cool … although I do wonder if anyone ever found out what happened to the golf balls and whether we’ll ever see them again (probably not)…

man on the moon