See The Phenomena Of Hurricanes That’s NEVER Been Seen Before!


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These are the stunning images that show THREE Category 4 Hurricanes making their way across the Pacific Ocean – the FIRST time such a phenomena has ever been seen.

Hurricanes Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena were all listed as Category 4 – albeit for a brief time – and highlight the true power of the nature.

A  first of nature…


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Three major hurricanes – rated as Category 3 or above which means they are capable of causing major damage – had never previously been seen together.

NASA and those on board the International Space Station were able to picture the events unfolding, producing some of the stunning images seen here.


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It is now ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the coastline of America and satellite tracking is now 40% more accurate.

Meteorologists have linked the latest storms with a stronger El Nino event this year, suggesting that more extreme weather could be seen.

Although the three storms are not expected to reach land, the images are a powerful reminder of the things beyond human control!


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It’s safe to say it’s probably unwise to cruise the Pacific anytime soon…