Now There’s A Gin That Claims To Beat The Ageing Process

Gin is easily one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. However, as we’ve come to learn through the years, things that taste delicious are usually bad for you.

However, in a remarkable stroke of luck, that looks like it’s all about to change. A group of super-human scientists have developed a gin that they claim has anti-ageing properties.

Perfectly named – Anti–Agin – the gin, ingestible collagen is incorporated into the booze during the distillation process. They then complete the package by adding “age-defying” botanicals. Part of the reason we age is that our collagen levels deplete as we get on in years, causing the development of wrinkles and a loss of tightness in the skin.

Ingesting collagen, the protein molecule that keeps the body firm, is not a new trend. In Japan (of course), there is a rapidly growing “beauty restaurant” scene, serving dishes containing high levels of collagen. In fact, supermarkets have even begun responding to the ever increasing demand for collagen enriched foods.

The gin is certainly not cheap. A bottle goes for about £35 ($50) and can be bought online.