This Man’s Tribute To His Late Grandmother Will Melt Your Heart

A man’s tattoo to pay tribute to his grandma has racked up a huge number of likes online due to the touching story behind it.

Léo Javiel, an expert skateboarder from Brazil, got tattoo in his grandma’s handwriting.


Javiel credits his grandma, Neiva, with raising him after his mom had him when she was just 14-years old.

In July 2012, Neiva left a note for Javiel and went to the bank, however while she was out she fell wiped out and passed away in clinic a couple days afterwards. Javiel was crushed.

A month prior, while sorting through papers, Javiel found the note, which peruses:

“Will be back around noon. Kisses, Granny.”

He then chose to transform it into a tattoo – which tattooist refused payment for.


After they both uploaded photographs of the tattoo on Instagram, it became famous online, with Javiel’s post racking up more than 9,000 likes. One client even remarked that the body workmanship had completely made then reevaluate their opinion of tattoos in general.

“I have always been against the idea of tattooing your body, cause that’s the way I was raised and my religion also prohibits it.”