Incredible Manchester Artist Carves Leaf Art Out Of Dead Maple Leaves

A Manchester-based artist – Omid Asadi – has ditched traditional canvas in favour of something a lot more freely available – dead leaves. Asadi has captured the public’s imagination with his innovative leaf art.

He creates the works by carving on actual leaves using nothing more than a craft knife and a needle.

He says he always tries to create pieces with a message. Some of these messages are based on his world-view, while others are based on poems or stories he’s heard, philosophy or global issues.

leaf art

The painstaking process can take hundreds of hours. Asadi patiently carves the images out of the leaves using a craft knife, a needle and, occasionally, a surgeons scalpel.

Omid Asadi leaf art-02

Osadi has even created his delicate leaf art on commission, having done work for several charities.

Omid Asadi leaf art-03

He says that he doesn’t just look at the leaves, he truly sees them. Much like a sculptor sees a statue in an unworked lump of clay.

He says, “apples had been falling from trees for thousands of  years, but  only Isaac Newton truly saw that and, thanks to him, our lives have  changed forever.”

Omid Asadi leaf art-04

Omid Asadi mostly uses maple leaves for his leaf art, as they are the most plentiful near to where he lives.

Omid Asadi leaf art-05

Describing the process of creating the leaf art, he says, “I  use a craft knife or scalpel and needle. It is not like a  paper cutting because each part needs a certain pressure to  cut. If I make a mistake, I destroy maybe hundreds of hours of  work.”

Omid Asadi leaf art-06

Asadi has received a great deal of positive feedback for his art. The process of creating art out of dead leaves has really captured the imagination of the public.

Omid Asadi leaf art-07 Omid Asadi leaf art-08 Omid Asadi leaf art-09 Omid Asadi leaf art-10 Omid Asadi leaf art-11 Omid Asadi leaf art-12 Omid Asadi leaf art-13 Omid Asadi leaf artist