13 Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

If you think you’ve tried everything that the culinary world has to offer and that there’s nothing new left to taste, take a look at our list of 13 foods to try before you die. Some of them look delicious, some of them look disgusting, but they are all undoubtedly meals to add to your bucket list.

1. Hot Pho, A Delicious Noodle Soup, Vietnam

pho soup vietnam

Source: Flickr/caitriana

Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’) is a blanket term for traditional delicious Vietnamese noodle soup. Although it is often made with beef (pictured), some variations make use of prawns. It’s delicious and tangy!

2. Fresh, Crispy Empanada, Santiago, Chile

fresh meat empanada from chile


Empanadas are crispy, meat-filled pastry shell turnovers (similar to pasties in the UK) and are made by folding fresh dough over a delicicious filling, sealing it around the edges, and baking or frying it.

3. Soup Dumplings, Shanghai

soup filled dumplings


Known as Shanghai dumplings, this extraordinary take on a traditional dumping is definitely one of the top foods to add to your bucket list before you die. The trick to getting the soup inside the dumplings is to set it with gelatin prior to folding it up.

To eat, use chopsticks to lift up the dumpling by its top (taking care not to rip it open) and dipping it into some quality soy sauce.  Place the dumpling in a bowl and prick a hole in it to let the delicious broth leak out before eating.

4. Seafood Paella, Barcelona

seafood paella food to eat before you die


Paella is a traditional Spanish, saffon rice dish that dates back to the nineteenth century. Try it with a mix of seafood. Best served on a Spanish beachfront with an ice cold beer.

5. Sushi By Star of “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi“, Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

prawn sushi by Sukiyabashi Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Jiro Ono, the Japanese sushi legend gained international acclaim after being featured in the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. However, those in the know knew all along about his legendary eatery way beforehand. Jiro is famous for his strict standards and holds three Michelin stars.

His apprentices need to train under him for several years before he allows them to even handle the fish and even longer before they are allowed to cut it.

6. Poutine, Chips, Gravy and Cheese Curd, Montreal

poutine gravy cheese curd and chips canada


Poutine is a widely loved traditionally Canadian dish, with roots in the French districts of Quebec. It’s basically a bowl of french fries, covered in a thick and rich gravy and cheese curds (know locally as “squeaky cheese”).

7. Grilled Brazilian Churrasco

grilled brazilian bbq churrasco


Churrasco is a Portuguese word that roughly translates to grilled meat. Brazillians love their meat and this is the traditional way that they enjoy it. Churrascario’s are restaurants that have waiters walking around slicing off seemingly endless amounts of freshly barbecued meat, cooked to perfection. Come with a huge appetite, because they are typically all you can eat affairs.

8. Fresh Lobster Roll, Maine

fresh lobster roll

Flickr/Yuri Long

Maine is famous for it’s fresh lobster and it’s lobster shacks. Definitely one to add to your list of foods to eat before you die.

More Food To Eat Before You Die:

9. Snake Wine, South-East Asia

snake wine asia
I can’t say that snake wine is necessarily something that springs to mind when I think of food that I need to eat before I die, but, but here we go. It’s wine, with a snake. Delicious.

10. Steak Tartare, London

steak tartare with raw egg food to eat before you die
Steak tartare could be described to the layperson as a raw burger patty. But when prepared by top chefs, it is delicious and healthy. Make sure you only order this if you’re at a top restaurant as it is essentially raw beef.

11. Fried Spiders, Cambodia

fried spiders from cambodia

Source: Flickr/paulmannix

If you’re travelling around Cambodia, be sure to grab yourself a nice helping of scrumptious fried spiders. Does what it says on the tin.

12. Witchetty Grub, Australia

witchetty grub eating australia

Source: Flickr/thehoundsofshadow

When next on a walkabout in Australia, why not sink your teeth into a juicy grub. Bonus points if you go foraging for them yourself.

13. Fresh, Succulent Doner Kebab, Germany

succulent doner kebab from turkey


The doner kebab gets a bad rap as a fast food in most countries. But prepared fresh, with quality meat, it can be a healthy and delicious meal.