Buzzing About – Is This The Best Drone Delivery Method Ever?

There are certain ways of creating a buzz around the launch of a new product – especially when it’s beer.

When it’s sweltering outside and the office is sucking every bit of life out of you, it’s always nice when the day has a sting in the tail.

These giant bee drones in Taiwan provided workers with a much needed method of quenching their afternoon thirst – by delivering honey-flavoured beer.

Taipei workers were invited to sign up for a special brew delivery and 15,000 people jumped on the bandwagon in just ten days.

The mead-like brew from Taiwan Beer was popular too, as the drones hovered outside office windows to signal the arrival of the beer van outside.

It’s not the first time that drones have been used for deliveries but we bee-lieve this is by far the best!

You could even say it’s the bee’s knees (sorry)!