7 Foods You Won’t Believe People Eat

You probably have your favourite comfort food that you just love to fill up on – maybe macaroni cheese? Or the British favourite fish and chips – maybe even a nice slice of pizza from time to time. Who can blame you? Nothing like a nice carb heavy meal or snack to keep you happy and content in your hour of need. Well, not quite everyone enjoys this kind of food.

So, sit back and enjoy the list of foods that you just won’t believe people are eating right now.

1. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu cheese

Do you just love a bit of Sardinian food on a Friday night? Well, you’re gonna love this! Casu Marzu is made from sheep milk cheese – very famous for containing live fly larvae. Yes, you read that right, fly larvae.

However, before you eat this it’s extremely important that you ensure the maggots in the cheese are ALIVE as it is dangerous to eat if they have died – yes that does mean this involves eating live maggots.

To really enjoy this dish, simply slice a bit and place it on a piece of flatbread and consume with a nice glass of red wine for that added flavour – enjoy!

2. Odori Don

odori don live octopus

Come on, we all just love a bit of Chinese and Japanese food from time to time – but this delicacy of Odori Don could be taking it a bit too far.  This dish involves a live squid or octopus in a bowl with its legs flapping around in a delicious, light sauce…yummy!

Okay, so technically it’s not completely alive – I mean, it does have its brains removed before its put on your plate. So, when you see them flapping around in your bowl, what you’re actually seeing is the octopus’ nerves and muscles active – which immediately spring to life when they come into contact with the salt in your lovely sauce.

3. Chicken In A Can


So, we’ve all come to terms with spam and even tuna in a can – but now it is officially possible to get a chicken in a can. So far, this has only been launched in America, so it’s only a matter of time before the Brits get on the bandwagon.

All you have to do is plomp the chicken on your plate – and hey presto – get munchin’.

4. Raw Worms

raw worms

So, we get it – you’re in Australia, back in the day and you couldn’t find any food – so why not chow down on some raw worms you dig up?

But – no, this is still considered a delicacy over there. And to make these raw worms and caterpillars even more appealing; there’s no preparation needed, just dig ‘em up and chew. In fact this lovely choice of food is so popular in the outback that it has now been named an Australian “delicacy”.

5. Black Pudding

black pudding

Come on, how could we do a list like this without including the Irish/ British traditional breakfast addition of black pudding.

Made predominantly from pigs blood – yeah that’s a real treat for brekkie!

6. Puffin Hearts

puffin hearts

You know that lovely little bird – with the brightly coloured beak and clumsy behaviour? Well, in Iceland the Puffin’s heart is somewhat of a delicacy. The heart of this lovely little sea bird is eaten raw – yes, raw, whilst it is still warm.

The whole eating process of a Puffin is somewhat different to how we do things in the UK – all you have to do is kill it, skin it and eat the fresh heart raw. Apparently this dish is absolutely delicious.

7. Guinea Pigs

guinea pig

As children, we’ve all had a guinea pig because our mum’s wouldn’t let us get a dog, well in South America they’re used as much more than a household pet.

Guinea pigs have been eaten for centuries in South America because their meat is tasty and they use fewer resources than the likes of pigs and cows.

Still feeling hungry?