25 Crochet Taxidermy Animals To Brighten Your Day

1. If you love Taxidermy but are put off by the thought of dead animals, there’s a far better solution. One that’s a whole lot softer (and cuter)…

walrus and penguin faux crochet taxidermy pinterest


2. Say hello to crochet taxidermy. How could you be scared of this cuddly Jurassic Park dino for example?

t rex woolen taxidermy


3. Or this spectacular springbok? Just look at those horns, they wouldn’t hurt a fly…

springbok crochet taxidermy nathan vincent

Nathan Vincent

4. Even the horn on this rhino doesn’t look threatening…

rhinoceros crochet taxidermy etsy


5. While this racoon isn’t likely to rummage through your dustbin! It’s crochet taxidermy at is finest!

raccoon faux taxidermy etsy


6. This pelican could even be used to store your keys – kiss goodbye to the days of losing them…

pelican crochet taxidermy pinterest


7. If you ever need an extra coat hanger, just thank the narwhal…

narwhal crochet taxidermy pinterest


8. This mole meanwhile has just burrowed through the wall, but at least it hasn’t made a mess…

mole woolen taxidermy etsu


9. This spectacular lion can certainly make your home a roaring success…

lion head crochet taxidermy pinterest


10. And who says the animals even have to be based on real creatures? Everyone loves unicorns don’t they?

faux taxidermy crochet unicorn head pinterest


11. Even bugs look impressive when made from crochet…

faux crochet taxidermy bug


13. Is this zebra white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?

crochet zebra mr x stitch

Mr X Stitch

14. A pink unicorn is even better than a white one? Right?

crochet taxidermy unicorn


15. Who says crochet animals can’t be colorful too – this ram is perfect for kids…

crochet taxidermy ram head


16. While this moose looks like it has just run through a paint factory…

crochet taxidermy moose head ManafkaMina


17. The horns on this patchwork deer could even be mistaken for a rainbow…

crochet taxidermy head magda van der vloed recycled plastic bags

Magda van der Vloed

18. Even Fantastic Mr Fox can make an appearance…

crochet taxidermy fox head on purple frame


19. Have you ever seen a fish in a hat? Well you have now…

crochet taxidermy fish pinterest


20. Elmer the patchwork elephant was even given a makeover…

crochet taxidermy elephant ManafkaMina


21. Rudolph has lost his red nose but this reindeer can still get you feeling festive…

crochet taxidermy baby reindeeer


22. There’s nothing boring about this boar either…

crochet faux taxidermy wild boar


23. Crochet taxidermy – the cool alternative to actually having real animals on your wall…

crochet deer head taxidermy


24. From minimalist foxes that are super cute…

baby fox crochet taxidermy


25. To cute baby does – just think Bambi, but in blue…

baby doe crochet taxidermy


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