15 Quirky Coffee Table Designs With Real WOW Factor! Would You Have One Of These In Your Home?

It’s the centre piece of living spaces in homes across the country and nothing screams ‘I love my house’ more than an amazing coffee table design!

From old videos, lumps of wood and abandoned children’s toys, there are few limits to how creative it’s possible to get and that means that there are plenty of unique designs all over the world.

So if you think your front room is in need of a little inspiration, here a few coffee table ideas to get you started!

Crates can be used for more than just holding wine…

coffee table | champagne storage crate coffee table

Because who wouldn’t want the world knowing they love wine, lots and lots of wine…

There’s no shame in going retro either…

coffee table | dj vinyl turntable coffee table

Everyone remember’s vinyl – it’s even making a comeback so why not get ahead of the trend?

Anyone for the dominos effect?

coffee table | falling dominoes coffee table with glass top

Because everyone want’s a table that looks like it will break or tip over at any moment right?

Speaking of dominos, you can do a lot with a pot of glue…


Do you have a few hours spare? You could always try to make a table where all the dots match…

 Sometimes the simplistic approach works best… Metal frame. Block of wood…Done!

coffee table | heavy dark wood rustic coffee table

Maybe opt for a block of wood that doesn’t have lots of holes in it though? Just a thought.

You could just take a sheet of glass and visit a nearby forest…

coffee table | rustic wooden log with glass top coffee table

Simple, yet effective. But maybe not suited to house parties?

Or maybe you’d like something living in your table that watches you drink your coffee…

coffee table | terrerium coffee table

Ideal if you have snakes, lizards, iguanas, tarantulas…you get the idea. If you have any friends of family that are easily scared though, it’s probably best to avoid this one!

You could always put old technology to good use…

coffee table | transistor motherboard coffee table

Why waste perfectly good computer parts?

Do you remember these things…it’s hard to believe cassettes came out in the 60s!

coffee table | wooden cassette coffee table with glass top

Another fine example of where retro is cool?

You could even opt to engineer your perfect table…


Rev up the engine and set pulses racing in your front room? Waste not, want not and all that…

Maybe it’s a chance to show off a love of Star Wars?


The force is strong with this one…until you sit on it!

Just avoid using your wedding video if you go for this design…


Everyone remembers VHS right?

There’s always that bit of you that just wants to be a big kid again too…


You could always build your own version with the mini versions of the bricks (only recommended if you have several months to spare!)

Alternatively, your inner alcoholic may finally have a use…


You don’t have to drink all of the beers in one sitting though…

Finally, we have what could well be one of the most expensive coffee table in existence… (yes that really is a Ferrari!)


Purchasing a Ferrari and crashing it just to create a table does seem a bit much though. We’d like to assume that this owner was just trying to make the best of a bad situation!

As you can see – your coffee table could be made from anything – which makes designing them even more fun!