10 Crazy Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

10 images you won't believe haven't been photoshopped

Sometimes real life is way, way weirder than anything we can dream up in Photoshop. Here are 10 images that you will struggle to believe haven’t been digitally manipulated.

1. Welcome To Hell

sweden station design

Via: Buzzhunt

This may look like the last thing you’ll see before you ascend to the 3rd circle of hell, but it’s actually one of several hundred designs on the Stockholm subway stations in Sweden.

sweden subway escalator

Via: Buzzhunt

The stations already have exposed natural bedrock and the artists have painted them with incredible designs.

exposed bedrock sweden subway

Via: Buzzhunt

green station design

Via: Buzzhunt

Each station has been given it’s own unique design, earning them the honour of being the world’s longest art gallery.

subway seating art

Via: Buzzhunt

2. Electric Jester

clown power pylon


This seems like one of those shoddy Photoshop efforts where you feel like the creator was desperately trying to make a point but nobody’s quite sure what it is. Energy companies are bunch of clowns? Power leads to clowns? We may never know.

However, as you may be noticing a trend in this article, this is a very real tower carrying actual electricity to the good people of Hungary.

While we agree that power pylons are an eyesore and can certainly use a revamp, we’re not sure whether they’re headed in the right direction here.

3. Your Name In Sand

hamad canal oil sheikh

Via: Forbes

This may look like a title card for a Jon Woo film, or perhaps one of those tacky personalised postcards you might pick up when leaving a desert-themed resort.

But this is, in fact, a satellite photo. You’ll be glad to know that the profits of the oil industry are being put to good use, as this is the handiwork of oil sheik Abu Dhabi Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who paid a small fortune to have a desert converted into a series of canals spelling out his name.

It’s not the first time Hamad has shown an affinity for excess. At last count, he was said to own over 200 cars, including no less than 7 Mercedes Benz 500 SELs, painted in the colours of the rainbow.

Earning him the nickname, the Rainbow Sheikh, he is also known to have created the Emirates National Auto Museum, which houses a custom-built, globe-shaped motor home which is said to be one millionth of the size of planet earth.

4. Snake Through A Man’s Face

snake through the face

Via: Barcroft Media

There’s not really a hell of a lot of backstory to this beyond the fact that this man, this insane man, puts mother-fucking snakes through his mother-fucking face.

Snake Manu, as he is known, puts the snakes through his sinus cavity and, judging by this photo alone, it’s hard to tell who is more distressed about the whole situation.

Snake Manu claims that he is able to perform this insane feat by using yoga techniques to dull the pain. However, we are reticent to take on board any advice given by a man with a snake coming out of his goddamn face.

5. Snow Day!

huge snow drifts in japan

Via: genjutsu.es

This looks like a poor effort at an advertisement for all-weather tyres in a fantasy land where snow knows no limits.

But this is Japan where, famously, the laws of physics and man do not apply. More specifically, this is the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, where they are on the business end of up to 20 metres of snow every year.

bus travels through snow drift in japan

Via: imgur

coach in japanese snow plowed

Via: Core77

While the plowed snow dwarves huge tourist coaches, it completely dominates when tourists are walking through it on foot.

japanese tourists dwarfed by snow drift

Via: Snopes

tourists wait for coach in plowed snow in japan

Via: Core77

6. Baby Hulk

young bodybuilder

Come on, photoshopper! You’re not even trying. I can totally see where the chin has been superimposed on the neck. Is this grown man wearing a young Taylor Hanson mask?

No, neither of those is right. This is 16-year old Richard Sandrak, a Ukrainian bodybuilder.

richard sandrak-01

Via: Musqle

Richard began lifting weights when he was 6 years old and here’s what he looked like by the time he was 10, which I believe was around the age most of us were potty-trained!

richard sandrak-02

Via: Musqle

richard sandrak-03

Via: Musqle

richard sandrak-04

Via: Musqle

richard sandrak-05

Via: Musqle

7. Saucy Stephen Colbert

steven colbert photoshopped

Via: Felicia Day

While this may look like one of the worst attempts at photoshopping creepy fan-fiction illustrations, the reality is it’s actually a cosplayer at Monsterpalooza.

To be fair, it’s pretty amazing how in a convention center filled with decomposing zombie corpses and fake blood, she was able to still be far creepier than anything else on display, using nothing but a rubber mask and her cleavage.

steven colbert cosplay photoshopped

Via: Stan Winston School

The Steven Colbert mask was created by Landon Meier. He designed uncannily realistic masks and, we’re not kidding, specialises in screaming baby heads.

Feel free to check out his website but if you’re unable to, please allow us to quote the homepage text:


landon meier happy baby head

Via: Landon Meier


8. Earth has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close

fatal error message in the sky

Via: English Russia

One of the most terrifying possibilities to consider is that the Matrix is real and we are all batteries in a vast machine network, run by evil robotic overlords. While the sensible part of your psyche might tell you that is obviously not possible, you might be forced to question that belief if you happen to look up at the sky and see this fatal error message!

Surely this must be the work of Photoshop, right?

However, we can confirm that it is indeed an untouched photograph of a very real sky and a very real tree. If you’d been in the right place at the right time, you would have seen exactly what this photographer saw.

The image was captured in Ukraine on a foggy night, when a digital advertising billboard malfunctioned and projected a Windows error to terrified motorists as the drove by.

9. A Dog Straight Out Of A Manga Film

squashed dog

Via: reddit

While this might look like a prop on a 1980’s creature feature, it is in fact very real.

This is an actual real life dog with a condition known as Baboon Dog Syndrome.

It’s found rarely in dogs, foxes, and wolves and can most simply be described as missing half a backbone.

baboon dog

Via: Mark Almond

10. Nineties Computer Trees

flat trees

Via: reddit

This isn’t real, surely? At best, this looks like the handy work of the creator of the 3d screensaver from Windows 95.

windows 95 3d screensaver

Via: YouTube

But no, these bit-crushed, low-res graphics are actually real-life trees that grow in Schonbrunn, Austria. They are pruned in these unnaturally precise straight line using this old-timey contraption:

tree pruning machine austria

Via: Bundesgarten Wien_Innsbruck