The Most Shameful Reality TV Celebrity Meltdowns


Let’s be honest, we love nothing more than seeing someone rich, famous and popular losing their mind in front of the entire nation. It may be a little distasteful, but boy is it entertaining. Settle back on the sofa, break out the popcorn and enjoy the eight celebrity reality TV meltdowns that took the world by storm.

1. Paul Danan, Celebrity Love Island, 2007

Former Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan managed to cop off with a former Playboy bunny in the toilets (after getting over his infatuation with another contestant, Isabella Hervey) before launching into such a drunken tirade that security had to be called.

He is quoted to have said that the show ruined his career, which really wasn’t all that to begin with if we’re honest.

2. Gillian McKeith, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, 2010


Camel-faced, faeces-obsessed television nutritionist Gillian McKeith confirmed what everyone already suspected by confessing she “heard voices”. She later claimed that the show was a ‘nightmare’, unsurprisingly. Also unsurprisingly, nobody really cared.

3. Samuel Preston, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 2009

OK, so not strictly reality TV, but very much real nonetheless. Wearing a sparkly sequin jacket to make him look like even more of an idiot; Preston, the frontman of The Ordinary Boys, objected to Simon Amstell and team hosts Bill Bailey and Phil Jupitus taking the mick out of his fiancée Chantelle Houghton. In one of the greatest moments in UK television, this caused the singer to walk off the show after just five minutes; hilarious.

4. Les Dennis, Celebrity Big Brother, 2002


Going into the house very soon after the end of his marriage to Amanda Holden, poor old Les spent much of the show talking to the chickens and staring forlornly at the walls. Not terrific television, it must be said. You can go and sit on a park bench and watch some weirdo talking to the ducks any time you want.

5. Nicola McLean, Celebrity Big Brother, 2012


Admitting that the show was “the worst idea” of her life, footballer’s wife McLean delighted viewers with a very visible meltdown. After an argument she started screaming and banging on the walls, demanding to leave. Later – despite being married – had a naked kiss in the jacuzzi with long-haired bad boy Frankie Cocozza.

6. Vanessa Feltz, Celebrity Big Brother, 2001


Whilst in the Big Brother house, Vanessa Feltz (who does a great impression of a blancmange in a dress) said that she couldn’t “endure the mass humiliation of everyone hating me so much.” Strange, she never seemed too bothered before and hasn’t seemed too bothered since.

7. Natalie Appleton, I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, 2004

Poor old Natalie Appleton just couldn’t stand the heat in the Australian outback. After being voted to take part in her fifth bushtucker trial she left the show. Her star moment came during a row with model Sophie Anderton in which she accused Anderton of being ‘self-obsessed’ – which, to be fair -she was.

8. Helen Flanagan, I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, 2012


Sobbing and complaining like a little child before having to face the hire wire during the launch episode, Flanagan, now the wife of the permanently benched footballer Scott Sinclair eventually managed to complete a challenge. But she gave us all a terrific laugh in the process. Good on you Flanagan.