Star Wars Actress Kelly Marie Tran Doesn’t Believe Landing Role Will Change Her Life

You may not know who Kelly Marie Tran is yet, but rather you’re going to hear significantly more of her gratitude to her leap forward part in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.

In any case, in spite of now being a piece of one of the greatest establishments in film history, the performing artist has asserted she doesn’t see her extraordinary to wind up noticeably a tremendous name like Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.


Kelly Marie Tran attends the European Premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” at the Royal Albert Hall.

The combine turned out to be overnight stars when they landed parts in 2015′s ‘The Force Awakens, and when requested what exhortation they had given her about managing sudden popularity, Kelly Marie revealed to HuffPost UK at the European debut: “John and Daisy are both the most strong, stunning people I’ve met in this entire experience.

I don’t know if it’s true that my life is actually going to change. Only because I went on a run earlier today and no-one knew who I was. It was great.

So I feel like I’m going to be Hannah Montana forever and have this double life where I make movies, but then go to the grocery store by myself. So we’ll see. I’ll have to let you know.

Kelly Marie, who is playing Rose Tico – an individual from the Resistance who works in upkeep – in ‘The Last Jedi’, likewise let it be known still hasn’t soaked in that she is a piece of the ‘Star Wars’ universe.

I’m still realising it right now. Honestly, I am,” she said. “The last two years of my life have been a cumulation of a million impossible moments and this night is the same thing. I’m still trying to believe I’m in it.

Turning her attention to Episode XI, Kelly added of her hopes for the film:

I’m hoping to continue the tradition of doing something groundbreaking in every movie.

From its inception, ‘Star Wars’ has never been afraid to take risks and that’s one of the reasons why people love it.