Katy Perry Speaks Up About the Man Who Claims They’ve Been Dating for Six Years


Spencer Morrill has become the talk of the town for thinking that he’d been dating Katy Perry for six years. He had the biggest surprise of his life when he found out that his online girlfriend is not the real Perry. Apparently, the poor man was catfished in a seriously cruel way.

Morrill never got the chance to meet the pop star in person. He just thought that he has been talking to her online. He was convinced that it was the “Teenage Dream” singer that he was dating. Although Morrill thought that he had a strong relationship with the well-loved singer, he believed Perry wasn’t just interested about having a face-to-face meeting with him.

It looks like matters got worse when Perry was reported to be dating Orlando Bloom. Morrill honestly thought that the 31-year-old singer cheated on him.

Perry was kind enough to express her sympathy and weigh in on the situation. According to Perry, her hearts goes out to Morrill. Bloom’s current girlfriend admitted that she felt bad for the poor old man.
Perry shared that she heard about the news when somebody sent her a link to Morrill’s story. She admitted that she actually did not read through it because it is very sad and unfortunate. Perry did not choose to indulge with it.

The singer also mentioned about people having dreams but then we live in different parts of the world. Everything is not accessible at all times.

It has been learned that a girl named Harriet has been catfishing Morrill for six good years. She did a great job in pretending to be Perry, but her secret could only last that long. The fake Perry personally admitted to Morrill that she was catfishing the guy.

Despite Harriet’s revelation, the thing with Morrill is that he still insisted that it was Perry all along. And this is how the guy literally caught everyone’s attention when he was featured in MTV’s Catfish The TV Show.