Katie Hopkins Challenged To A Fight By Ellie Goulding on Twitter


There are several celebrity scraps that we would pay big money to see. Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders, Ant vs. Dec, Boris Johnson vs. Dwayne Johnson…

Definitely in that list (probably near the top) would be a full contact blood sport match between Ellie Goulding and the human hate factory, Katie Hopkins.

And, in a Christmas miracle, that title fight between the two looks more and more likely, if their latest Twitter war is anything to go by.

The war of words started, as most do, with Katie Hopkins firing up her Twitter app to let us know her opinion of the EU. In this instance, Hopkins let us know exactly what she thought of Italy potentially leaving the EU.


Ellie Goulding quickly fired off a Twitter response to Katie Hopkins:


Simple and to the point. Hopkins, however, took the bait and replied:



Never one to shy away from a good Twitter fight herself, Ellie Goulding replied quickly with her best “I know you are but what am I:ellie-goulding-snap-katie-hopkins

And then, as if to drive the point home, she made clear exactly her intention to brawl with Katie Hopkins by tweeting this image:


It’s no surprise that Ellie’s fans were definitely up for that suggestion. Seems like they want to see an Ellie Goulding, Katie Hopkins fight in real like as much as we like to see an Ellie Goulding, Katie Hopkins Twitter fight: