What Ever Happened To Calista Flockhart?

Why was Calista Flockhart famous?

You might not know the name Calista Flockhart but you will almost certainly know the name; Ally McBeal; an early noughties American comedy-drama about a young lawyer (played by Flockhart) struggling to find her feet in the overly macho Boston law firm Cage & Fish.

calista flockhart ally mcbeal

Ally McBeal was, truth be told, an immensely popular show around the turn of the millennium. However, this was more down to the lack of any competition.

Dawson’s Creek, a programme that mainly involved teenagers staring wistfully across a lake, was at its zenith, Friends had gone to pot and the box-set era characterised by Breaking Bad, Lost, Prison Break was not quite ready. As such, Ally McBeal was a tiny bright spark in a sea of mediocrity; a bit like finding out your train has been cancelled but somebody left 60p in the platform vending machine.

Before Ally McBeal first aired in 1997, Flockhart had already landed roles in some impressive productions, including a New York stage role alongside the other ‘female that most symbolises the 1990’s’, Melissa Joan Hart – who you might know better as Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Had they been joined by Chris Evans and Robbie Williams, we might have been in for the most nineties “thing” of all time. Further Broadway appearances followed, with Flockhart a regular presence on the stage throughout her time as Ally McBeal, performing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her and Bash: Latter-Day Plays.

Where is Calista Flockhart now?

what ever happened to calista flockhart

Calista Flockhart is now better known as the better half of Stars Wars legend and grandpa-hunk Harrison Ford; whom she met just as Ally McBeal was drawing to a close in 2002. Since meeting Ford, Flockhart entered something of an acting hiatus – presumably choosing to take up bingo and long rambling stories instead.

Her role as mob boss Ellen Kelly-O’Rourke in the second series of television drama Full Circle, which aired in 2015, was in fact be Flockhart’s first acting role in over three years and may signal something of a return to more regular work.

In February 2015 it was announced that she will be starring in CBS’ Supergirl, playing DC Comics character Cat Grant; a blonde bombshell gossip columnist who first appeared in Adventures of Superman.

Outside of acting, Flockhart is the National Spokesperson for Peace Over Violence: a social service agency devoted to the elimination of sexual and domestic violence and all forms of interpersonal abuse. She has fulfilled the position since 2004 and has put significant amounts of time and effort into the organisation, which provides; counselling, guidance and support for the victims of violence, as well as educating young boys and providing self-defence training for girls and young women, along with advising government on policy making.